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Bill Explainer (TPQ)

Bill Explainer (TPQ)

Please watch this brief video, where we will explain every section of the bill, clearly and simply.

Common areas are shared areas in a building and include recreational facilities such as the gym, banquet areas, the entrance lobby, stairways, lifts and any other shared area.

Qatar Cool sends a separate bill for the cooling consumption in the common areas to the Co-Owners Association. This bill also covers the cooling services required to control the fresh air supplied for the building.

  • Capacity Charge: This is a fixed amount billed periodically as per the cooling load allocated to the premises.
  • Consumption Charge: This is a variable amount billed periodically based on the consumption of the cooling service.
  • Admin Fee: This is a fixed fee billed periodically for the production of documents and other administrative costs.
  • Meter maintenance Fee: This is a fixed fee billed periodically for meter maintenance and related activities to ensure correct recording of the consumption.
  • Activation Fee: This is a fixed amount charged once at the initial service activation, upon signing the agreement. The activation fee reflects in the first monthly bill
  • Reconnection Fee: This is a fixed fee billed in the event a Customer fails to pay their bills on time. The Reactivation Fee is applied for restarting the service after suspension or disconnection.


Capacity fees are calculated as follows:

 Residential space: QR 793.64 per Ton of Refrigeration per year
 Commercial space: QR 1097.86 per Ton of Refrigeration per year

Consumption fees are calculated at QR0.3161 per Ton hour per year (from the meter reading) for residential and commercial space in the Pearl Qatar only, other areas are subject to different rates. 

It is important to note that both capacity and consumption rates are subject to change.

The bills are automatically sent to the property owner, unless the owner has provided Qatar Cool with authorization to send the bill direct to the end user. 

Should you have recently changed your contact details or address please contact the customer service office to update the agreement and your account.

This section includes all payments received and any credits/debits allocated to your account during the previous period.

The bill is sent at the beginning of each month and the due date is set for the end of the current month, or as stated on the bill.

Each unit has a dedicated meter that measures the consumption of the chilled water. Meters are maintained for maximum accuracy by Qatar Cool’s maintenance team.

It is a unique 12-digit number assigned to the user at the time of establishing the account. This number can be used for paying bills.

It is an exclusive code assigned to your property. This code can be used for identifying your property.

It is a distinctive number assigned to every bill we generate. This number can be used for paying your bills.

Cooling capacity (TR) Cash deposit amount

  • 20 TR or less QR 3,000
  • 20-30 TR QR 6,000
  • More than 30 TR QR 10,000

Qatar Cool fees, similarly to other utility companies may change due to inflation and/or due to increase in production costs imposed by the water and electricity utility provider. However, Qatar Cool continues to commit to keeping fees competitive.

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