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Operational Efficiency

A district cooling plant has the proficiencies to serve an infinite number of buildings in a single metropolitan zone with fewer infrastructure requirements compared to conventional cooling methods.  The chilled water service replaces stand-alone chillers whilst providing reliable chilled water at 5.5°C.

District cooling significantly reduces the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants, lowers potable water consumption and uses energy more efficiently.  Buildings are connected to the underground pipe distribution network which links to a cooling plant, this allows one off-site chiller to replace multiple chillers in multiple buildings, allowing higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Qatar Cool’s systems are designed to improve the cooling plants energy efficiency, reduce the total energy consumption as well as being durable with high flow rates.  Since inception in 2003, Qatar Cool has achieved continuous operational reliability with no interruptions to service, due to our expertise and system management. 

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks are another energy efficient element of a district cooling plant. TES tanks can reduce refrigerant plant capacity and operational costs, producing chilled water when demand is low.  The TES Tank allows reductions in CO2 as well as significant energy savings, due to storing the energy and improving operational efficiency. 


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