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Supplier Registration

Under Qatar Cool’s procurement practice, it is compulsory for all interested vendors (suppliers and contractors) to be registered and qualified before permitted to participate in tender bids or invitations to submit quotations.

New vendors can register via Qatar Cool’s i-supplier portal. Click the link to register your Company with Qatar Cool Register

Existing vendors may update their present registration information using the username and password provided by Qatar Cool. If a vendor does not have a username and password, please contact the Procurement Department via email at Procurement@qatarcool.com.

To access the Qatar Cool i-supplier portal, please follow the link below.

Link to i-Supplier portal

Information submitted via the i-supplier portal will undergo compliance review by Qatar Cool’s Procurement Department. 

Upon approval of registration, the vendor will be notified and issued a unique Oracle Vendor Code along with a username and password.

For support on using the i-supplier portal please click HERE for the user manual.

For suggestions and enquiries, please contact the Procurement Department at Procurement@qatarcool.com

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