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Health, safety, security, environmental & quality policy

Qatar District Cooling Company (Qatar Cool) will meet the requirements and expectations of its Shareholders and customers, efficiently and effectively through the application of quality management incorporated within its management systems and in doing so it is committed to maintain a safe working environment, safeguarding human safety and health, conserving and protecting the environment, and ensuring the security of assets that are integral to its business. Meeting this commitment is central to the vision of Qatar Cool and requires continuous efforts to identify, eliminate or manage the risks to health, safety, security, environment and quality (HSSEQ) associated with its activities. Accordingly, Qatar Cool will:

  • Continue to develop, maintain and continually improve its Management Systems including all systems relating to Safety, Security, Health, Environmental and Quality as per the Qatar Cool Framework of Excellence (QCFE).
  • Define all relevant objectives aligned and supporting the strategic direction of Qatar Cool.
  • Define and set clear objectives, responsibilities and accountability for HSSEQ performance across all levels within Qatar Cool, with measurement and reporting requirements set against stakeholder expectations and benchmarked against comparable organisations.
  • Comply with all laws, regulations and permits applicable to HSSEQ, and apply responsible industry standards and prudent practices, where no relevant laws or regulations exist.
  • Qatar Cool is committed to the elimination or minimisation of work-related injuries, illnesses and pollution, through effective HSSEQ programs determining causes of incidents and near misses to prevent occurrence and possible recurrence.
  • Establish methods for identifying, assessing and managing hazards and incidents through planning and exercising to ensure that risks are minimised to levels as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Ensure that the appropriate training, supervision, information and resources are provided to Qatar Cool personnel to ensure that HSSEQ objectives are achieved.
  • Continue to develop a culture in which people understand their responsibilities in preventing all potential HSSEQ incidents.
  • Ensure timely communication and consultation with all employees, and contractors on matters that may affect HSSEQ, with regard for actions that they need to take in the unlikely event of any incident.
  • Perform regular reviews to evaluate personnel commitment, measure progress and drive continuous improvement to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Only work with contractors that comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and all Qatar Cool policies, procedures and mandatory training requirements regarding HSSEQ. Qatar Cool values contractors that demonstrate active injury and loss prevention programmes.
  • All levels of management, employees and contractors are expected to participate in and comply with all HSSEQ initiatives, and to exercise individual responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, the protection of the environment and delivery of work meeting the technical standards of Qatar Cool.

Yasser Al-Jaidah
Chief Executive Officer


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